1. The world of aryavarta        2. Cast of Characters


The Firewrights
The Secret Keeper: Head of the Firewright Order.

Ghora Angirasa: Former Secret Keeper of the Firewrights. Known for
his revolutionary ideas and beliefs, many contrary to the traditions
of the Firewright order.

Asita Devala: A Firewright faithful to the old traditions and beliefs
of the Order. Known for his skill with hallucinogens and poisons,
he is considered one of the most dangerous men in all Aryavarta.

The Firstborn
Krishna Dwaipayana: The greatest Vyasa – head – of the Firstborn
Order that Aryavarta has ever seen, now retired. Also biological father
to princes Pandu and Dhritarashtra of the Kurus.

Sukadeva Vashishta Varuni: Legitimate son of Krishna Dwaipayana
and heir to his spiritual legacy.

Markand: Current Vyasa of the Firstborn.

At Dwaraka
Govinda Shauri: Commander of the Armed Forces of Dwaraka.
Formerly a prince of Surasena, along with his brother Balabadra he
brought together the warring Yadu tribes to form the Confederation of
Yadu Nations at Dwaraka. Also rumoured to have been responsible
for the fall of Firewrights, despite having been Ghora Angirasa’s
student. For this reason, he is considered a traitor by many.

Balabadra Rauhineya: Govinda’s older half-brother. Known for his
fair and straightforward nature as well as his skill at wrestling and

Yuyudhana Satyaki: Cousin to Govinda and Balabadra and former
prince of the Vrishni clan.

Pradymna Karshni: The first of Govinda Shauri’s adopted sons.
Married to Rukmavati, princess of the Vidharbha kingdom.

Samva Karshni: The second of Govinda Shauri’s adopted sons.

Daruka: One of the captains of Dwaraka’s navy, and close associate
of Govinda Shauri.

At Indr-prastha
Dharma Yudhisthir: Emperor of Aryavarta and king of Western Kuru.
Son of Prince Pandu of the Kurus, has been elevated to the role of
Emperor by Govinda Shauri.

Bhim Vikrodara: Second son of Prince Pandu. Known for his strength
and skill with arms.

Partha Savyasachin: Third son of Prince Pandu. Known as one of
the best archers in all of Aryavarta. Married to Subadra Rauhineya
of Dwaraka.

Nakul Madriputra: First of the twin sons of Prince Pandu by his
second wife, Madri.

Sadev Madriputra: Second of the twin sons of Prince Pandu by his
second wife, Madri.

Panchali Draupadi: Empress of Aryavarta and Princess of Panchala.
Married to Dharma Yudhisthir as a result of a wedding contest that
was won by his brother, Partha. Close friend to Govinda Shauri, but
banishes him from Aryavarta on her accession to the imperial throne.
Ayodha Dhaumya: Royal Priest and Counsellor to Dharma
Yudhisthir and his family.

Subadra Rauhineya: Sister to Govinda Shauri and Balabadra
Rauhineya. Married to Partha Savyasachin.

Abhimanyu Karshni: Son of Partha and Subadra, and adopted heir
to Dharma Yudhisthir.

At Hastina

Dhritarastra: King of Eastern Kuru. Biological son of Krishna
Dwaipayana, he is blind since birth and so was forced to yield the
throne to his younger brother, Pandu. Becomes king subsequent to
Pandu’s abdication.

Bhisma Devavrata: Patriarch of the Kuru family and once Regent of
the kingdom. Respectfully referred to as the Grandsire and remains,
despite his age, an undefeated warrior.

Syoddhan Kauravya: Eldest son of Dhritarastra and Crown Prince
of Kuru.

Dussasan Kauravya: Third son of Dhritarastra and second-in-line
to the Kuru throne.

Shakuni: Former prince of the Gandhara kingdom and Dhritarastra’s
brother-in-law. Came to live at Hastina after Bhisma Devavrata
annexed his nation and brought his sister to Hastina as Dhritarastra’s
bride. Is especially fond of his nephew, Syoddhan.

Vidura: Half-brother to Dhritarastra and biological son of Krishna
Dwaipayana by a slave-woman.

Sanjaya Gavalgani: Prime Minister of Kuru and counsellor to
Syoddhan Kauravya. Was formerly a student of Krishna Dwaipayana
and one of his closest confidantes.

Acharya Dron: Teacher and martial instructor to the Kaurava princes,
and one of the senior advisors at King Dhritarastra’s court.

Acharya Kripa: Dron’s brother-in-law and fellow advisor at King
Dhritarastra’s court.

At Kampilya
Dhrupad Parshata: King of Southern Panchala.

Shikandin Draupada: Son of King Dhrupad and once Crown Prince
of Panchala. Known for his skills in the wilderness and for his
distinctive braided hair.

Dhrstyadymn Draupada: Adopted son of King Dhrupad. He and
his sister Panchali were foundlings who have no recollection of their
lives before their escape from a burning structure in the middle of
Panchala’s forests. Since his adoption, King Dhrupad has declared
him the heir to the Panchala throne, superseding Shikandin.

At Upaplavya
Chief Virat: Chief of the desert nation of Matsya.

Uttara Vairati: Virat’s daughter.

General Keechak: Virat’s brother-in-law, and General of Matsya’s

Vasusena: King of Anga and faithful friend to Syoddhan Kauravya.
Jayadrath: King of Sindhu and Syoddhan’s brother-in-law.

Asvattama Bharadvaja: Son of Acharya Dron and King of Northern
Panchala. Brought up by his father as an incomparable warrior.


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